What is affiliate marketing and Its Advantages ?

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has mostly increased because of the e retailing boom and also the model of revenue sharing model. The revenue that is generated by the seller is shared by those who provide platform based on the amount of traffic that as attracted by the seller because of this platform. And the platform providers in turn get revenue and also they become a significant place for potential customers and the buyer to meet.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Although the concept of marketing isn’t new but the concept of affiliate marketing developed only from a couple of decade with the onset of internet and also of those web players who built to sell their products and services online. Affiliate marketing can be called a part of or other types online marketing that is done on the internet; the users of affiliate marketing are the retailers mainly.

What is affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing and how does it help? It has changed the face of marketing from the traditional ways of marketing where the ad giver had to pay the marketer irrespective of their ad reaching the potential customer or not. But it is not the same with affiliate marketing; here the retailer whose ad is placed has to pay only based on the actual number of customers to which the ad had reached. This can be known by number of leads that were generated and there is lot transparency in the procedure. And hence this is the major advantage of affiliate marketing.

An example

A common type of platforms that are used by sellers are famous search engines like Google and yahoo which attract millions of internet users every day and become a potential platform to be seen by millions of users. The price that a seller pays depends on the size of the business and also on how much they want to be seen and how much money they can afford. If the price is higher, then visibility also increases.